The Right Voice: Episode CXVI (116) 12/12/18

Another great episode! Special guest Angelo John Gage joins Chris & Marie at the 28 minute mark to discuss many interesting topics: current events, self awareness, personal improvement, analytical methods, the VA, and much more-an exceptional must listen! PC/smartphone compatible click to listen, downloadable.


The Right Voice: Episode CXII (112) 11/7/18

Chris & Marie discuss politics & current events affecting our People. At 43:43 mark, special guest Seana Fenner joins. Ms. Fenner is an archaeoastronomer, White rights advocate, and odinist. This is a uniquely interesting discussion! PC/smartphone compatible, downloadable.


The Right Voice: Episode CX (110) 10/17/18

Another informative, entertaining, pro-White episode from Chris & Marie who are joined by Kevin Goudreau of Canadian Front who gives us an update on what’s happening in Canada. Pardon the imperfection-the first few minutes of discussion weren’t captured on the recording. PC/smartphone compatible, downloadable!


The Right Voice: Episode CIX (109) 9/26/18

Special guest Billy Roper of Shieldwall Network & The Roper Report joins Chris & Marie at the 38:44 mark! We discuss what the Shieldwall Network is, along with many other ways we can help ourselves as well as our People now and in the future. Self improvement, stocking of needed supplies in the event of the unexpected, and much more! PC/smartphone compatible, downloadable, and very UNpolitically “correct”.


The Right Voice: Episode CV (105) 6/6/18

Special guest from the UK, Timothy Scott joins us! He is a British military Veteran, activist for common sense, co-founder of He provider a peek into what has happened to the UK in recent years..PC/smartphone compatible, downloadable!


The Right Voice: Episode CIV (104) 5/16/18

Finally, our latest episode is up! Dr. David Duke accepted our invite once again and joins at the 33:45 minute mark to share his knowledge and life experiences, discuss current events, the ziomatrix, and more! NON "PC", intellectually honest, a must listen. PC/smartphone compatible, downloadable

The Right Voice: Episode CIII (103) 5/9/18

Another excellent discussion! Michael, recently retired U.S. Marine joins Chris & Marie at 1:08 for a lively, entertaining, no holds barred conversation on many topics including the yid factor & have a listen! PC/smartphone compatible, downloadable:


The Right Voice: Episode C (100) 4/11/18

Wow, our 100th episode! As usual, Chris & Marie "politically incorrectly" cover news buried by the lamestream heebia, politics, new words/phrases, and other subjects as well as life advice such as being self sufficient, being resourceful, etc. Some listeners called in to chime in on things & share their wisdom as well! PC/smartphone compatible, downloadable. 


The Right Voice: Episode XCVII (97) 3/14/18

After a 5 week hiatus, Chris & Marie jump back into current events, announce new words/phrases, play moonman's contribution, and are joined by special guest-Hannah, who has interesting inside information on the infamous Charlottesville fiasco last Summer. PC/iPhone compatible, downloadable.