#Affirmative action

The Right Voice: Episode LXXXVII (87) 11/15/17

Chris & Marie announce cucks & zikes of the week, play moonman's latest contribution, etc. At the 59:20 mark, Sonny Thomas of the Sonny Thomas Show joins in for an informative, entertaining, politically incorrect discussion. Another must listen! PC/iPhone compatible, downloadable. 


The Right Voice: Episode LXXXVI (86) 11/09/17

Chris & Marie are back with special contribution from Moonman & Mike Enoch as special guest, who joins at 1:02! Mike joins the discussion and brings us all up to date on Chris Cantwell's legal status as a result of ludicrous charges filed against him for self defense at the infamous Charlottesville rally. At the 2:03:00 mark, Army Veteran Jim calls in to explain how we can help a specific family for the Holidays-a widow with two children from her Husband who was KIA in Iraq. Go fund me link here: https://www.gofundme.com/gold-star-wife-combatwounded-vet