The Right Voice: Episode C (100) 4/11/18

Wow, our 100th episode! As usual, Chris & Marie "politically incorrectly" cover news buried by the lamestream heebia, politics, new words/phrases, and other subjects as well as life advice such as being self sufficient, being resourceful, etc. Some listeners called in to chime in on things & share their wisdom as well! PC/smartphone compatible, downloadable. 


The Right Voice: Episode XCVII (97) 3/14/18

After a 5 week hiatus, Chris & Marie jump back into current events, announce new words/phrases, play moonman's contribution, and are joined by special guest-Hannah, who has interesting inside information on the infamous Charlottesville fiasco last Summer. PC/iPhone compatible, downloadable. 


The Right Voice: Episode XCIV (94) 1/17/18

In this informative, entertaining episode, Chris & Marie are joined by very special guest, Jared Taylor of American Renaissance at 49:15! Several topics were discussed and a brief Q&A segment for Mr. Taylor. At 1:43, Jason Kessler joins to provide updates on what he's doing and drops a bombshell on what really happened at unite the right in Charlottesville last year. 


The Right Voice: Episode XCIII (93) 1/10/18

Another great episode! Special guest at 1:08:27-Bryden (aka Actual Racist @ActualRayCyst) of Third rail, Right to Bryden, & 86ers, all fun and informative shows. We go over zikes, cucks, & goycotts of the week, other current events, including tweets from our GREAT Twitter community, music, beer, and more. Don't miss out! PC/iPhone compatible.


The Right Voice: Episode XCII (92) 12/20/17

Another excellently entertaining & informative show! At 55:15, Moonman shares two Christmas songs with us; 1:06:15 mark-@AltSanta joins Chris & Marie; 1:38:25-@DesertFoxMulder joins in for discussion ranging anywhere from politics, race relations, zikes, cucks, & dindus of the week & more!  


The Right Voice: Episode XCI (91) 12/13/17

Another informative, entertaining, politically INcorrect show! Chris & Marie discuss politics, zikes of the week, goycotts, & other issues. Guest Jason Kessler joins around the 45min mark to discuss the event scheduled for next August in Charlottesville, VA for the one year anniversary of the infamous rally which garnered international attention (much of it untrue, and local governmental corruption was exposed)


The Right Voice: Episode XC (90) 12/6/17

Another informative, entertaining, NON "PC" show! Chris & Marie are joined by Harry Hughes, border patrol agent who shares from his several years of experience & to discuss other topics of the day. At 26:55, @Illegal_Aryan from Twitter who was present at the build Kate's wall demo at the White House in D.C. to share that & other lively conversation! 57:50=Moonman "10 feet higher" is played. PC/iPhone compatible, downloadable.  


The Right Voice: LXXXIX (89) 11/29/17

Our latest! 44:24 minute mark, guest James Russell @RAJetweets, @ColchColl joins to share his perspective on issues affecting our people, share his online wealth of information, and so forth, contributing to a lively discussion!. At the 2:03 mark, John King calls in to add his valuable two cents. This is another must listen!


The Right Voice: Episode LXXXVII (87) 11/15/17

Chris & Marie announce cucks & zikes of the week, play moonman's latest contribution, etc. At the 59:20 mark, Sonny Thomas of the Sonny Thomas Show joins in for an informative, entertaining, politically incorrect discussion. Another must listen! PC/iPhone compatible, downloadable. 


The Right Voice: Episode LXXXVI (86) 11/09/17

Chris & Marie are back with special contribution from Moonman & Mike Enoch as special guest, who joins at 1:02! Mike joins the discussion and brings us all up to date on Chris Cantwell's legal status as a result of ludicrous charges filed against him for self defense at the infamous Charlottesville rally. At the 2:03:00 mark, Army Veteran Jim calls in to explain how we can help a specific family for the Holidays-a widow with two children from her Husband who was KIA in Iraq. Go fund me link here: