The Right Voice: Episode CXXXVI (136) 6/26/19

In this unique, informative episode, Gregory Malchuk: anti-circumcision advocate, joins Chris & Marie at the 40:25 mark after Chris & Marie have covered current issues as well as new words/phrases, and thoughts on “LQBTQ/GSPM”. Mr. Malchuk provides a comprehensive summary of the history, ills, complications, and more regarding the seldom discussed subject of circumcision. PC/smartphone compatible, downloadable!


The Right Voice: Episode CXXXV (135) 6/19/19

Special guest-Arnel of joins Chris & Marie at the 45:20 mark to discuss current events, his works, and issues affecting our People. This is an extremely entertaining, informative, enlightening, “non-PC” episode wrapping up with an inspirational, morale boosting message!


The Right Voice: Episode CXXXI (131) 5/8/19

Another great, must listen episode! Coach Finstock joins Chris & Marie at the 57:02 mark discussing current events, issues, and strategies for the well being of our People in a very intellectually honest/politically “incorrect”, refreshing manner. PC/smartphone compatible, downloadable.

TRV may19.jpeg

The Right Voice: Episode CXXIV (124) 3/6/19

Chris & Marie discuss current events affecting our People in an informative, entertaining, race realist, NON-”PC” manner. Later Ms. Limerick of Ireland calls in to speak with Chris and describe Ireland as of now..Smartphone/PC compatible, downloadable. Have a listen!


The Right Voice: Episode CXX (120) 1/23/19

A very informative, intellectually honest show! Chris & Marie bring you angles the lamestream heebia either do not report, or under report. The Covington Catholic set up is covered with many interesting underground contributing sources, as well as other pressing issues affecting our people! Special guest joins at :45 mark-Steve Bowers, longtime humanitarian rights activist who adds his perspective & shares his experiences. PC/smartphone compatible, downloadable