The Right Voice: Episode CXLII (142) 10/2/19

Another “politically incorrect”, intellectually honest, entertaining show with Chris & Marie! Special guest, Chester of Dahlonega, GA. shares his experience with communism vs patriotism in a historically traditional Southern town joining at 28:45 mark! Later on, Kevin Goudreau, Canadian Nationalist, updates us on Canadian happenings also affecting our People, joining at 2:03:40 mark. PC/smartphone compatible, downloadable!


The Right Voice: Episode CXLI (141) 9/25/19

Chris & Red-human rights activist, discuss issues affecting our People. At the 20:37 mark, the parents of Jacob Goodwin join (Jacob is a political prisoner due to the Charlottesville, VA demo/controversy/set up) to share their experience with all of this. It’s an enlightening, informative discussion! PC/smartphone compatible, downloadable.

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The Right Voice: Episode CXXXVIII (138) 7/17/19

A great, informative, entertaining, politically “incorrect”/intellectually honest episode! At 24:05, Rose from voice of NS Reason joins, and at 54:20 Harry Hughes, border patrolman/human rights activist & John De Nugent, Author and European activist join to share their knowledge & experiences affecting our People! PC/Iphone compatible/downloadable.


The Right Voice: Episode CXXXVI (136) 6/26/19

In this unique, informative episode, Gregory Malchuk: anti-circumcision advocate, joins Chris & Marie at the 40:25 mark after Chris & Marie have covered current issues as well as new words/phrases, and thoughts on “LQBTQ/GSPM”. Mr. Malchuk provides a comprehensive summary of the history, ills, complications, and more regarding the seldom discussed subject of circumcision. PC/smartphone compatible, downloadable!


The Right Voice: Episode CXXXV (135) 6/19/19

Special guest-Arnel of joins Chris & Marie at the 45:20 mark to discuss current events, his works, and issues affecting our People. This is an extremely entertaining, informative, enlightening, “non-PC” episode wrapping up with an inspirational, morale boosting message!


The Right Voice: Episode CXXIV (124) 3/6/19

Chris & Marie discuss current events affecting our People in an informative, entertaining, race realist, NON-”PC” manner. Later Ms. Limerick of Ireland calls in to speak with Chris and describe Ireland as of now..Smartphone/PC compatible, downloadable. Have a listen!