Made in China-beware!

Made in China-Why we should pay close attention


By Marie Ross



There are many reasons we should avoid products of China as much as possible. Years ago, China's greatest fear was the U.S Navy's 7th Fleet. Now, with our help, whenever we purchase products of China, we're assisting them to be on par, and eventually surpass the U.S Navy's 7th Fleet.


  • In 2008, there was a tragedy due to infant (milk) formula-product of China- which was tainted with melamine, causing the death of six babies and illness of an estimated 6,200 babies after ingesting the formula.
  • There have been at least 600 dogs killed and thousands made very ill, by consuming popular freeze dried jerky treats from China.
  • In 2007, about 1 million Mattel toys were recalled-products of China. It was such a scandal that Zhang Shuhong, a 52-year-old businessman, had apparently committed suicide just days after Mattel blamed his company, Lee Der Industrial, in Foshan, in southern China, for the recall of one million toys coated in toxic lead paint.
  • It is dangerously counterintuitive that About 86 percent of our seafood is imported, and half of that is from aquaculture—fish farms. Most aquaculture imports are shrimp, tilapia, Atlantic salmon, and shellfish, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). In Vietnam, shrimp is stored in dirty plastic tubs, covered in ice made from tap water that could be contaminated with bacteria. Vietnam ships more than 100 million pounds of shrimp to the United States each year or about 8 percent of all the shrimp we eat.  In China, many fish farms reportedly use pig manure as feed, which contains salmonella and makes tilapia more susceptible to disease. In addition, “shrimp farms in South and Southeast Asia are essentially factory farms, with all that implies—including antibiotic overuse,” according to a Wired piece published earlier this year. Many of the antibiotics in these fish farms are banned for use in the U.S.
  • Chicken has now been approved by the USDA to be imported from China-take heed!
  • There have been tire recalls imported from China, and the list could go on..

Look closely at labels, even if they're established brands. They may have recently outsourced from the US for higher profit margin$. Scrutinize "distributed by/for", "manufactured by/for", even "packed in/product of the USA", and other terminology. Contact the company to clarify where the product is from.


Additionally, here's a list of barcodes by country of origin.