The Right Voice: Episode XXXXII (5/25/16)

Marie & Chris start off with a cocktail and some interesting, entertaining small talk & their weeks in review. At 34:35 min mark, Greg Calhoun joins, at 42:50 Jeremy joins, at 48:15 Michael Weaver joins, and in the 2nd hour Dennis Durham joins. All are White advocates. The discussion pertains to the recent events in GA: Stone Mountain and Rome, and how the police were disparaging in their treatment of these well behaved people VS BLM & Antifa scum. Mr. Weaver also details his unjust, enraging experience with the corruption in Columbus, GA. and discusses certain laws we should all be aware of. Laws vary by state and county.

The Right Voice: Episode XXXIX (5/4/16)

WOW, another GREAT episode! Steve Smith joins us at 28:00, Jared Taylor of American Renaissance at 1:29:55! Each guest for an hour, and a couple of callers discuss w/ Chris & Marie everything from politics, White privilege vs non-White privilege, is diversity a strength?; White advocacy: asserting OUR interests & rights, and more.