The Right Voice: Episode LXVIII (68) 2/1/17

Notable miute marks: 15:00-cucks of the week; 27:40-new words of the week (Marie's Grandmother came up with one!); 30:20-Goycotts; 38:07-Jim Rizoli joins Chris & Marie to share his activism/life experiences, adding interest to the discussion!; 48:55-Paddy Tarleton joins the discussion with his perspectives, great music, etc.; 1:29:25-Rich joins to expose indoctrination of or children, White genocide under the guise of "immigration"; 1:48:15-Moonman's quote of the week & 1:50:30-Moonman's audio send in; 1:56:11-our (((zikes))) of the week; 2:21:45-social engineering in the VA; 2:36:55-Kevin Harris of White lives mater joins in! PC/iPhone compatible, downloadable.