The Right Voice: Episode LXX (70) 2/15/17

In this week's informative, entertaining, politically Incorrect show: 15:50-(((zikes))) of the week followed by Blink1488 song "It's the Jew"; at 37:58-our special guest-beautiful, intelligent British Nationalist Claire fills us in on what's happening in regards to turdworld immigration & multiculturalism where she resides; 1:07:00-Derrick w/ Trad worker party of VA calls in; 1:18:35-Scott Lacy & Todd Biro of WLM call in from Niagra Falls, NY; 1:30-Moonman's contribution followed by Chris & Marie's new words/phrases of the week; 1:45:50-Kevin Harris w/ WLM & Travis Golie w/Community 1st join to discuss the activism they initiated for part of this week; 2:10:45-Rose calls to join in the conversation & 2:25:10-Kevin Goudreau of Canadian Nationalist Front joins to discuss leftists in Canada facilitating muzziescum to impose anti-White laws on te citizens. Click for instant play, PC/iPhone compatible, downloadable. Follow us on to be notified when we're live! You can join the chatroom/suggest/listen/call in.