The Right Voice: Episode LXVII (67) 1/25/17

Another MUST listen & share! Chris, Marie, & callers break the week down in a very politically Incorrect manner that's informative & quite funny. Notable minute marks: 33:13-cucks of the week; 36:28-MOONMAN's contribution! After, Chris shares his exciting inaugural weekend in D.C. with many of the inner circle of the Alt-Right Including Richard Spencer, Pepe', TRS, Moonman, etc!; 1:04:25-Rose (Patriot in the New England area) joins the forum; 1:15:17-(((Zikes))) of the week record beaker; 1:56:18-Henri Bloxham joins to share his wisdom/experience in creating communities, self sufficiency tips for OUR people including, but not limited to hydroponic/aquaponic gardening in lieu of pesticides for nourishing produce. Chris adds to that with his knowledge. This is very interesting, inspiring information that should be taken in! PC/iPhone compatible, downloadable.