The Right Voice: Episode LI (51) 8/17/16)

Another fun/info/guest packed evening! After Chris & Marie open up w/ cucks/scumbags of the week, politics, etc., 17min mark, they announce the new words/phrases of the week; 27:20 mark, "bomb the boats" sent in by @FashGordon; 34:30 mark-moonman makes a cameo; 38:20 Amy, White advocate in Houston joins; 58:00-Dani, White advocate from Michigan joins; 1:01:30, Vex Steele, White advocate joins to complete the ladies roundtable. The discussion covers challenges, ideas, & inspiration for where our people are now & what we are doing now & how we'll continue to improve our efforts for current & future generations. 1:47:30, Tom Bowie surprisingly calls in. At 2:36:47, caller Andrew shares a dangerous situation: a friend's young teen Daughter is possibly going to racemix. The panel provides sound advice we really hope helps. Don't miss out on this one.