The Right Voice: Episode XXXXIII (6/1/16)

Another entertaining, informative episode! Cucks of the week; veiled/overt threats toward Trump/media bias & attacks continue; discussion on unity; how all "movements" attract trolls and how water finds its own level; turdworld diseases on the rise due to the idiocy of the powers that be & our porous borders; Tex Wood (LOTS member) YouTube presentation; about 56 min in: PADDY TARLETON-millennial songwriter, singer, member of traditional workers party, activist, etc. joins the animated  discussion; about 1:18: Michael Weaver of GA joins to detail his experiences of the persecution of the "law"; about 1:54, Kevin Goudreau of Canada joins us again to add to politics, etc,; around the 2hr mark, we all jam out to Moonman & more of Paddy's music. A good time was had by all!