The Right Voice: Episode XLV (6/15/16)

Chris & Marie open up w/ cucks of the week, The Trump report, PC out of control-current issues buried by MSM, are then joined by Matt Heimbach & Miles of the Traditional Workers Party at the 35min. mark continuing to discuss anti-Whites, gun control, what does the U.S. flag represent in the CURRENT year, & many other subjects; 1:03 we then go into Orlando & detail why we DON'T believe it to be a false flag, but acknowledge it's being exploited. At 1:59, Kevin Goudreau of WNF Canada adds his thoughts as the panel goes over the need for a homeland for our people and the urgent need for unity; at 2:13, Jim-Combat wounded Veteran joins, & 2:16 Bran Mak Morn of Twitter fame joins. Another fun filled/informative episode!