The Right Voice: Episode LXXX (80) 5/4/17

We're back! After zikes & goycotts of the week, Chris & Marie are joined by Paddy Tarleton at 1:09:55 where he shares his experience w/activism & antifa last weekend in Pikeville, KY and so much more! 2:19:15-Mike Enoch of The Right Stuff/Daily Shoah calls in. This is a must listen! PC/iPhone compatible.

The Right Voice: Episode LXXIX (79) 4/19/17

Smartphone/PC compatible, another must listen! Mr. de Nugent joins Chris & Marie at the 38:20 minute mark for a VERY interesting conversation about Mr. de Nugent's activism, history, family roots, and more! The panel discusses many (((zikes))) of the week and have some laughs as well, We need to reclaim what is ours.... This is truly a gem for our people, don't miss out!

The Right Voice: Episode LXXVIII (78) 4/12/17

Another informative, entertaining show covering GOYcotts, zikes,  cucks of the week! We discussed Syria & President Trump in various viewpoints. At 37:45, Jason Kessler-journalist/political commentator/AltRight activist/Confederate advocate joins as special guest to discuss these matters & more! 2:07:40-Kevin from WLM calls in under duress, & 2:12:00-Travis Golie of WLM/Commuity 1st calls in to update us on the real life changes he & his comrades within/donating to the non profit, legally registered organization at doing to improve things in several areas!

The Right Voice: Episode LXXVI (76) 3/29/17

Chris & Marie were very honored that two top men from Nordic Front joined in at 8PM EST (26:35 min. mark-about 2AM Sweden time!) to discuss their inspiring and motivational activism, experiences, and more in the face of adversity due to immoral turdworld invasion of their homelands. This is another must listen. PC/iPhone compatible, downloadable.

The Right Voice: Episode LXXIV (3/15/17)

Chris, Marie, and guests Shawn & Steve discuss current events and being "street smart" online and in many other ways in the current age. As always-politically Incorrect, humorous, & informative. White "privilege" vs White "supremacy" at jewniversities, minute markers to note: 7:20-the weekly cucksphere; 41:30-zikes of the week; 50:20 is where Shawn & Steve join the discussion & share their experiences including yidfiltrators in patriot groups that are being targeted; 1:49:45-Right wing death squads by our buddies at The Right Stuff followed by Moonman's send in. PC/iPhone compatible, downloadable, don't miss out!

The Right Voice: Episode LXXIII (73) 3/8/17

GREAT episode/information! 16:20-cucks of the week; 30:15-goycotts; 46:18-zikes of the week; 52:52-Moonman's contribution; 59:00-SPECIAL GUEST Harry-a patriotic Arizona/Mexico patrolman shares very insightful insider shares his experiences of the border & how President Trump is already making America great again! PC/IPhone compatible, downloadable.

The Right Voice: Episode LXXII (72) 3/1/17

Many subjects affecting us were discussed: politics, those out to destroy us, the GA case, & so much more. Joining Chris & Marie at 37:30-Matt Heimbach of Trad worker party, 1:18:40-Matthew Flowers of The League of the South & Trad workers party, adding their insight & experience on these important matters! PC/iPhone compatible, downloadable.

The Right Voice: Episode LXXI (71) 2/22/17

4:55-cucks of the week, which flows into (((zikes))) of the week & other convo; 31:00-special guest Graham Moore-British political commentator, co-host of Motiv8 radio in the UK, member of English Democratic party sheds light on the darkness enveloping the UK-HALAL, no go zones & so much more! You will NOT hear of this valuable info via LAMEstream media; 1:24:10-Moonman's c00ntribution. Spread the word!

The Right Voice: Episode LXX (70) 2/15/17

In this week's informative, entertaining, politically Incorrect show: 15:50-(((zikes))) of the week followed by Blink1488 song "It's the Jew"; at 37:58-our special guest-beautiful, intelligent British Nationalist Claire fills us in on what's happening in regards to turdworld immigration & multiculturalism where she resides; 1:07:00-Derrick w/ Trad worker party of VA calls in; 1:18:35-Scott Lacy & Todd Biro of WLM call in from Niagra Falls, NY; 1:30-Moonman's contribution followed by Chris & Marie's new words/phrases of the week; 1:45:50-Kevin Harris w/ WLM & Travis Golie w/Community 1st join to discuss the activism they initiated for part of this week; 2:10:45-Rose calls to join in the conversation & 2:25:10-Kevin Goudreau of Canadian Nationalist Front joins to discuss leftists in Canada facilitating muzziescum to impose anti-White laws on te citizens. Click for instant play, PC/iPhone compatible, downloadable. Follow us on to be notified when we're live! You can join the chatroom/suggest/listen/call in.

The Right Voice: Episode LXIX (69) 2/8/17

Our current podcast! 15:15-White hot takes "Cucks in Washington"; 19:15-poltics; 27:35-GOYcotts of the week; 48:20-(((zikes))) of the week; 1:13:13-MOONMAN'S contribution; 1:17:30-Travis Golie calls in to announce the great news his non-profit "COMMUNITY FIRST" was officially confirmed! The panel brainstorms many endless ways to contribute to this endeavor and/or how we can help OUR OWN. 2:11:10-Henri Bloxham shares his suggestions/experience on the matter; 2:21:50-Kevin Harris of White lives matter adds to this important discussion!

The Right Voice: Episode LXVIII (68) 2/1/17

Notable miute marks: 15:00-cucks of the week; 27:40-new words of the week (Marie's Grandmother came up with one!); 30:20-Goycotts; 38:07-Jim Rizoli joins Chris & Marie to share his activism/life experiences, adding interest to the discussion!; 48:55-Paddy Tarleton joins the discussion with his perspectives, great music, etc.; 1:29:25-Rich joins to expose indoctrination of or children, White genocide under the guise of "immigration"; 1:48:15-Moonman's quote of the week & 1:50:30-Moonman's audio send in; 1:56:11-our (((zikes))) of the week; 2:21:45-social engineering in the VA; 2:36:55-Kevin Harris of White lives mater joins in! PC/iPhone compatible, downloadable.

The Right Voice: Episode LXVII (67) 1/25/17

Another MUST listen & share! Chris, Marie, & callers break the week down in a very politically Incorrect manner that's informative & quite funny. Notable minute marks: 33:13-cucks of the week; 36:28-MOONMAN's contribution! After, Chris shares his exciting inaugural weekend in D.C. with many of the inner circle of the Alt-Right Including Richard Spencer, Pepe', TRS, Moonman, etc!; 1:04:25-Rose (Patriot in the New England area) joins the forum; 1:15:17-(((Zikes))) of the week record beaker; 1:56:18-Henri Bloxham joins to share his wisdom/experience in creating communities, self sufficiency tips for OUR people including, but not limited to hydroponic/aquaponic gardening in lieu of pesticides for nourishing produce. Chris adds to that with his knowledge. This is very interesting, inspiring information that should be taken in! PC/iPhone compatible, downloadable.

The Right Voice: Episode LXVI (66) 1/18/17

Another EPICsode: 2:38-cucks of the week; 9:40-(((zikes))) of the week; 24:40 GOYcotts of the week; 28:00 Father Francis of Stormfront joins, detailing his awakening & activism; 1:04:25 AND 1:45:00-Moonman contributions are played!; 1:11:35-Travis Golie of WLM joins, detailing his new project "community 1st" which is a non-profit org for OUR people, as well as activism issues; other interesting people call in afterwards to add to a very interesting, informative, politically Incorrect discussion!

The Right Voice: Episode LXV (65) 1/4/17

Another GREAT EPICsode! 7:40-cucks of the week; 11:45-(((zikes))) of the week; 18:50-clever song "Found out about Jews"; GOYcotts of the week; 33:14 Michael Weaver joins for a while to explain the corruption & anti-White harassment he has endured by authorities in Columbus, GA.; other callers include Ken Reed & Kevin Harris of White lives matter, Greg Calhoun, & Matt West!; 1:08:45-new shocking social engineering in the Veteran's administration, what constitutes a "hate crime"? and more. PC/iPhone compatible, downloadable.

The Right Voice: Episode LXIII (63) 12/14/16

Another fun, informative, politically incorrect as hell show! Cucks of the week; 11:25-zikes of the week (what is a ((zike?));  30:00-Dindu vibrations by the Beach Goys (White Hot Takes); 33:55-Steve Bowers, White rights advocate joins Chris & Marie to share his 25 years of experience, suggestions for the future, observations, etc. to provide another GREAT discussion. Also covered is the banning of National Action in the UK per anti-White parliament, our GOYcotts of the week and more.