The Right Voice: Episode XC (90) 12/6/17

Another informative, entertaining, NON "PC" show! Chris & Marie are joined by Harry Hughes, border patrol agent who shares from his several years of experience & to discuss other topics of the day. At 26:55, @Illegal_Aryan from Twitter who was present at the build Kate's wall demo at the White House in D.C. to share that & other lively conversation! 57:50=Moonman "10 feet higher" is played. PC/iPhone compatible, downloadable.  


The Right Voice: LXXXIX (89) 11/29/17

Our latest! 44:24 minute mark, guest James Russell @RAJetweets, @ColchColl joins to share his perspective on issues affecting our people, share his online wealth of information, and so forth, contributing to a lively discussion!. At the 2:03 mark, John King calls in to add his valuable two cents. This is another must listen!


The Right Voice: Episode LXXXVII (87) 11/15/17

Chris & Marie announce cucks & zikes of the week, play moonman's latest contribution, etc. At the 59:20 mark, Sonny Thomas of the Sonny Thomas Show joins in for an informative, entertaining, politically incorrect discussion. Another must listen! PC/iPhone compatible, downloadable. 


The Right Voice: Episode LXXXVI (86) 11/09/17

Chris & Marie are back with special contribution from Moonman & Mike Enoch as special guest, who joins at 1:02! Mike joins the discussion and brings us all up to date on Chris Cantwell's legal status as a result of ludicrous charges filed against him for self defense at the infamous Charlottesville rally. At the 2:03:00 mark, Army Veteran Jim calls in to explain how we can help a specific family for the Holidays-a widow with two children from her Husband who was KIA in Iraq. Go fund me link here:


The Right Voice: Episode LXXXIV (84) 8/30/17

Chris & Marie are back with another GREAT show & guests! Cucks & (((zikes))) of the week, goycotts, & so much more. Minute mark highlights: 44:18-Moonman's contribution; 47:45-PeteTefft, AltRigher who was at Charlottesville joins; 1:19:25-Justin, Veteran & Secretary of Defense for CSA rebel Nation joins; 2:05:35 Coach Finstock of Twitter fame joins, & later Kimmy, activist joins for a very informative, entertaining, politically INcorrect discussion! PC/iphone compatible, downloadable.